Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Sanjiangkou Wetland

The Sanjiangkou Wetland is located in Ningjiang District, 40 kilometers away from downtown. It is accessible by ship from the Songyuan wharf. It covers an area of 30 million square meters. It got its name from the fact that the Nenjiang River, the West Songhua River and the East Songhua River converge right here. The water quality differences make the converged flow in two different colors, like the green dragon and the yellow dragon riding and rolling together to create a truly spectacular scene. Standing on the fairway, you will see the meandering Nenjiang River rolling from northwest, and the West Songhua River and the East Songhua River from southeast after merging. They all empty themselves into the mighty Songhua River.

The Sanjiangkou Wetland protection area has a variety of aquatic plants and terrestrial plants totaling nearly 100 species, the famous ones among which are reed, pucao, water chestnut, chicken head rice, water lotus, sheep alkali grass, lily and so on. There are nearly 200 species of birds, waterfowls and fish, including crane, stork, wild goose, duck, eagle, oriole, cuckoo and so on; famous fish are "three flowers and five snails", li-carp, ji-carp, lian-carp, grass carp, etc., It has been listed as a provincial nature reserve.

The scenic spot constructions are as follows: reed marshes, bird watching tower, viewing plank road, fishing platform, Yixian Pavilion and so on. Every summer, it is a tourist resort for the majority of tourists to go boating, visit fishermen’s families, drink and have fun.