Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Planning Exhibition Hall –National 3A Scenic Area

The Songyuan Planning Exhibition Hall is located in the Binjiang New Area of Jiangbei Core District of Songyuan. It opened to the public on June 12, 2012 as Jilin Province’s first city planning exhibition venue and national AAAA tourist attraction. The Planning Exhibition Hall covers an area of ​​45,200 square meters, composed of the indoor exhibition area and of the outdoor landscape area. The indoor exhibition area is ​​about 8260 square meters in area. The exhibition displays are divided into three sections of "Memory of Songyuan, Brilliant Songyuan and Songyuan of Hope". The internal exhibits follow the mainlines of memory and hope to show the ancient vicissitudes of memory of Songyuan, the magnificence of Songyuan and the dream and hope of Songyuan. The exhibition halls vary in style, specifically including: oil field exhibition, Hada Mountain exhibition, Chagan Lake exhibition, area planning, planning publicity area, etc., totaling 26 exhibition zones. It mainly introduces the long history of Songyuan, publicize the brilliant achievements in city planning since the inception of the city, show a better tomorrow of the Petrochemical City. The outdoor landscape area includes centennial dream sculpture clusters, miniature landscapes of the counties and districts, and the green corridor demonstration area. The exhibition hall adopts a large number of high-tech means to integrate multiple exhibits like phantom imaging, electronic book, 4D dynamic multimedia, 360-degree ring film and other modern sound and light technologies. This is a comprehensive planning exhibition hall integrating planning display, science education, special tourism, business and leisure functions, etc. It strives to become a window to promote Songyuan, a base to showcase achievements, a reception hall for visitors, a tourist attraction and a platform for business and investment promotion.