Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Longfeng Mountain Tourism & Holidaymaking Resort–National 3A Scenic Resort


Located in Changling County, it is an integrated comprehensive scenic area of leisure tourism and aquaculture, and it is one of Jilin Province’s only two soil and water conservation bases. Inside the scenic area is the Longfengshan Reservoir with storage capacity of 57.4 million cubic meters, which has the functions of flood control, irrigation and aquatic production. On the east side of the reservoir is the Longfeng Mountain with dense jungles and proud, tall and straight poplar trees to provide visitors with natural pavilions for sightseeing. To the south of the Longfeng Mountain is the provincial Tamarix Demonstration Base, where many wild animals live in the jungles, so it is worth the title of Wildlife Paradise. In spring and summer, there are a lot of migratory twittering birds and blooming flowers. The majestic flood Gate is composed of three gates. Standing on top of the floodgate, you can have a bird’s eye view of the panorama of the reservoir and the wind power landscape on the prairie.

Admission: Free

Transportation: Take taxis or self-driving.