Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Hada Mountain – National 3A Scenic Resort

The Hada Mountain Eco-tourism resort is located 20 kilometers south of Songyuan, 140 kilometers away from Changchun and 210 kilometers away from Harbin. The Hada Mountain eco-tourism and holidaymaking resort and the Changbai Mountain, the Songhua Lake, the Sun Island, the Chagan Lake, the Qian’an Mud Forest and many other well-known tourist areas in Jilin Province come down in one continuous line. It covers an area of ​​499.48 square kilometers. There are such resorts as ​​the National Forest Park, the Wetland Park, the Longhua Religious and Cultural Scenic Spot, and the Hada Mountain Water Scenic Area in four major functional areas. It integrates the advantages of mountains and waters, charming landscapes, simple, honest and unspoiled people, a long history, convenient traffic on land or by water, tourism resources, eco-resources and cultural resources. It is the core area of ​​the future development and expansion of Songyuan, and it is also an important engine and new impetus for economic and social development of Songyuan.

The on both sides of the Hada Mountain Water Conservancy Hub, the Hada Mountain and mountainous landscape enhance each other’s beauty. The vegetation cover is good, all being perennial poplar, pine, birch, willow and other shrubs, totaling more than 100 species. In the area there are so many beautiful scenic spots as ​​the "Thousands of Faults", "Lotus Pagoda", "Hada Mounain Lake", "Seven-star Island", etc. The Hada Mountain Water Conservancy Hub has outlined a beautiful picture of blue sky and clear water, green mountain and magnificent dam, dotted islands and lush trees for the Hada Mountain Eco-tourism Resort.

The Hada Mountain Eco-tourism Resort is surrounded by a great many cultural relics. The Tibetan Buddhism prevailed once with a long legendary history. Hadashan Township (formerly known as Sheli Township) once witnessed flourishing Manchu culture. The cultures of Jilatu Township and other towns of Qianguo County, the Liao-jin culture, the Mongolian culture and the Xibo Culture all have long cultural inheritances. There are other explorable resources such as folk culture, food culture, religious culture, fishing and hunting culture and the rich Songhua River culture.

Admission: Free

Transportation: Take taxis or self-driving.