Songyuan Municipal People's Government

National 4A Scenic Area – Chagan Lake

Located in Qianguoerluosi Mongolian Autonomous County, the Chagan Lake Tourism Holidaymaking Resort is a national AAAA resort, national water resource scenic area and national nature reserve. Its area totals 600 square kilometers.
Chagan Lake is called Chagan Naoer in Mongolian, meaning a white holy lake. Its water area is 506 square kilometers. It is also one of the top ten freshwater lakes in China, the largest grassland lake in north China, the largest inland lake in Jilin Province, and a famous fishery production base, reed production base and famous tourist destination in Jilin Province. Chagan Lake is rich in natural resources, teeming in 68 species under 15 families, including li carp, silver carp, crucian carp and other fish, with an annual output of more than 6,000 tons of fish. The "Chagan Lake Pangtou Fish" has been certified by the National Green Food Certification Center as Grade-AA green food. Inside the lake area there are more than 20 kinds of wild animals, more than 80 kinds of precious birds and more than 200 kinds of wild plants, of which are 149 kinds of medicinal plants. Its unique geographical location and unique scenery of natural resources have turned Chagan Lake a fengshui treasure for the nobilities since ancient times. Shengzong to Tianzuo emperors of the Liao Dynasty would each year led the ministers and concubines all the way from the capital to Chagan Lake for tours and spring hunting. They would chisel ice holes to fish in the lake, and host the “Head Fish Feast” on the bank with the head fish hooked by the Liao Emperor in person, because east ", because the fish from the lake were the most tasty in early spring. When the spring wind greened the Guoer Ross Grassland, Chagan Lake was accompanied with chirpings of wild geese, swans and hundreds of other birds, the emperors would catch swans and wild geese by means of leashing out eagles and arrows. The Liao emperor would host the Head Goose Feast with the goose caught by Haidongqing personally leased out by the emperor. They would sing, dance and drink for pleasure on the lake every day till the end of spring before returning. From this it is not difficult to imagine the magnificent spectacular scenes on Chagan Lake then.
The Chagan Lake winter catch is the highlight of Chagan Lake. In 2004, the Chagan Lake Winter Catch was listed as one of the “Top 100 Spectacles of China”; in 2008, upon approval by the State Council, it was included in the national directory of intangible cultural heritage protection; in 2009, it succeeded in being elected one of the “Eight Spectacles of Jilin Province”  and extolled as "Surging Fish on Ice Lake".
In the Chagan Lake Scenic Area, the main attractions are Miaoyin Temple, Genghis Khan, Wangye House Commercial Street, Chagan Lake Fishing and Hunting Culture Museum, Auspicious Tower, Qingshan Peak Remains, Water Playground, Ecological Leisure Fishing Pond, Prairie Racecourse, Civil Shooting Club, etc.
Admission: Free
1. The buses from the city bus stations to Chagan Lake go direct to the Chagan Lake Scenic Resort. There are six schedule shuttle buses a day, starting from 6:20.
2. Taxi or private car