Migratory Birds on Chagan Lake Playing the Song of Spring

Early spring in March embraces not only the warm east wind but also the migrating birds. In the past few days, the birds that have returned one after another have been dancing the spring waltz over the surface of the lake, making Chagan Lake, where the ice and snow are melting, "alive" again.
Chagan Lake is rippling with blue waves and ripples. Between the water and the ice, various birds flock in groups, sometimes flapping their wings and flying, sometimes floating and playing. The happiness of the birds attracts passing visitors to stop, watch and listen to the chirping of the songbirds, to linger and linger to show their love for nature and calm their wandering souls. Photography enthusiasts use their lens to record every wonderful moment. Wang Liqun, a member of the Jilin Provincial Photographers Association and a retired medical worker, is among them. She and her companions rush to Chagan Lake before sunrise, just to chase the migratory birds that leave in autumn and return in spring.
Following the seasons of Chagan Lake allows people to gain natural and ecological beauty. Amidst nature and mountains and rivers is the crystallization of outstanding people and earth deities. The gift of nature enhances people's wisdom in protecting ecology. "The protection of ecology and the development of eco-tourism complement each other", so that Chagan Lake will progress toward harmony and beauty, and toward prosperity as well.
"The ice and snow are gradually melting, and a large number of migratory birds have returned to Chagan Lake. Now there are 274 species. The variety and number of birds in Chagan Lake are unprecedented. This suffices to prove that the ecological environment of Chagan Lake is getting better and better. People's awareness of protecting ecology is getting stronger and stronger. All this provides a beautiful homeland for these migratory birds to inhabit and multiply," remarked the responsible comrade of the Chagan Lake Fishery. (Han Bing and Yin Xiaowei)