The 19th Chagan Lake Ice, Snow, Fishing, and Hunting Cultural Tourism Festival to Kick Off Officially on December 28

When white snow covers the thick layer of ice, the winter fish-catching horn is once again sounding on the beautiful Chagan Lake. The reporter learned on December 15 from the press conference of the 19th Chagan Lake Ice, Snow, Fishing and Hunting Cultural Tourism Festival & the Chagan Lake Scenic Tourism Integrity Service that this year's tourism festival will officially kick off on December 28.
This tourism festival is sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Songyuan Municipal People’s Government, and it is organized by the Qianguo County People’s Government and the Management Committee of the Chagan Lake Tourism Economic Development Zone. It will take "keeping in mind the entrustment, guarding the gilded signboard, inheriting the fishing and hunting culture, and demonstrating the wonders of winter catch" as the themes. The event will last for two months and end on February 28, 2021.
Passed down for thousands of years, the traditional winter catch of the Chagan Lake originated in prehistoric times and flourished in the Liao and Jin dynasties. The opening ceremony of the tourism festival will be held at the Nabo Square in the Chagan Lake Scenic Area. It will fully display the traditional customs such as "worshiping the lake and waking up the net" ceremony, collecting the holy fire, offering sacrifices to the Longevity Heaven, waking up the divine net, and catching the head fish.
In order to enable tourists to experience the ice and snow while watching the grand winter catch, this year's tourism festival will highlight the three elements of "ice & snow, green, and culture". It has meticulously designed the two-theme elements of "harvest season of ice lake fishing and hunting" and "ice and snow carnival". It will stage 19 serial events like “Internet celebrities joining in the winter catch”, “special buying spree of goods for the New Year Festival”, “Ice and Snow Wonder Park”, car rally, skiing, dragon boating, winter swimming, etc. to fully satisfy tourists’ desires for “food, accommodation, mobility, tour, shopping and entertainment” in the Chagan Lake area.
Compared with previous years, this year's Chagan Lake Tourism Festival will particularly strengthen tourism integrity services. On one hand, the municipal and the county authorities of market supervision, public security, fishery administration and the Chagan Lake Tourism Economic Development Zone will continue to carry out joint actions to inspect and protect business behaviors of the Chagan Lake brand fish products in Songyuan City and in the Chagan Lake Scenic Area to maintain the market operation order; on the other, the Chagan Lake Fishery and sales companies have publicly signed the Chagan Lake fish product authorization contracts for simultaneous sales both online and offline. The market supervision and management department will register and put on record the activities, and establish a product brand traceability system to ensure good-faith tourism services.
In order to ensure tourism security and safety during the opening ceremony of the "Tourism Festival", the city has made adequate preparations in terms of road traffic, public security, pandemic prevention and control, etc. The Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Qianguo County Public Security Bureau will jointly be responsible for the security and safety at the opening ceremony of the "Tourism Festival", as well as the traffic control and guidance along the roads and around the venue; the Qianguo County Health Bureau has completed the preparations for on-ice medical aid and for pandemic prevention and control at the opening ceremony venue.
At present, the preparations for the "Tourism Festival" are in full swing. Relevant departments and units are making every effort to build ice and snow sculptures, the main venue for the "worshiping the lake and waking up the net" ceremony, and the Ice and Snow Wonder Park, as well as overhauling of the winter catch facilities. (Han Bing)