New “Background” of the Construction of Chagan Lake Ecological Town in the Clear Autumn

In the clear autumn, it continuously rains. The construction of Chagan Lake Ecological Town is still progressing in an orderly manner, with the busy construction personnel and booming of machines everywhere, which has become a beautiful landscape of Chagan Lake Ecological Town.
In Block 3, the land leveling project is basically completed. A forklift truck is leveling the corner of the site in the rain. The huge site and a construction forklift are like a drawing board and a moving brush, laying the “background” of the town.
In Block 13, dozens of forklift trucks, hookers, excavators and other machinery and vehicles are working, rows of houses collapsed and razed to ruins, and then the construction waste is transported out of the site by transport vehicles. In order to ensure the construction process of the town project, the workers carried out demolition construction in the rain. 35 sets of mechanical equipment and 75 personnel were put into the site to strive for the completion of the demolition and transportation work as soon as possible.
In Block 10 and Block 11, the construction team entered the “two museums” (Fishing and Hunting Museum and Ecological Civilization Exhibition Hall) of Chagan Lake Ecological Town. Dozens of workers and machines are working hard to prepare for the main building of the project. The enclosure has been basically completed, part of the road hardening has been completed, the tower crane foundation has been completed, and various equipment have been mobilized.  The main structures of the buildings of the “two museums” are planned to have been completed by the end of the year.
In order to thank the construction workers and technical personnel for overcoming the hot and rainy weather, fighting day and night, and making positive contributions to the rapid and high-quality construction of the town, the construction headquarters of Chagan Lake Ecological Town condoned the construction enterprises participating in the construction of the town, and brought rice, noodles, pork and other necessities to the construction enterprises, giving spiritual encouragement and living materials to the construction enterprises. (Zheng Tianyuan)