A Tourism Sitcom Staged on the Chagan Lake

The Chagan Lake in summer is filled with green grassland and deep waters. Not far from the Chagan Lakeshore, the Genghis Khan Museum and the Guo’erluosi Palace, with their new “makeup”, are greeting guests from all over the world to feed them with new “contents”.
In order to further enrich The Chagan Lake Scenic Tourism Project to meet the growing tourist demand of visitors, the Song and Dance Troupe of the Dulena Cultural Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd. will stage such performances with ethnic and local colors as the "Khitan Spring Fishing and Hunting Grounds in the Flourishing Age”, the "Guo‘erluosi Mongolian Wedding Show", the singing-dancing duet, etc. at the Guo’erluosi Palace every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
It is understood that the "Khitan Spring Fishing and Hunting Grounds in the Flourishing Age” is a blend of cultural, artistic, national and unique features. It is based on the Chagan Lake region as an “ancient battlefield of the Liao and Jin dynasties and the folk customs treasure house of the Mongolians and the Manchu”, and the Chagan Lake winter fishing which “originated from the prehistoric era and thrived in the Liao and Jin dynasties”. It has tapped the unique folk customs, preserved the original characteristics of the fishing and hunting culture in the Liao and Jin dynasties, and brought the Changchun Prefecture “Spring Fishing and Hunting Grounds” to tourists to unfold the true history scroll of the Shengzong Emperor of the Liao dynasty coming for the first time to the Chagan Lake and making holes on ice to fish on the Chagan Lake so as to restore and reveal the long historical trajectory of winter fishing through the tourism sitcom.
The traditional Mongolian wedding customs have a long history and have been passed down from generation to generation. Since ancient times, wherever the local Mongolians gather, the people have always maintained the traditional marriage customs of the ancient Mongolian characteristics.
Since its debut, the large-scale tourism sitcom has been performed during the Chagan Lake Ice, Snow, Fishing and Hunting Culture Tourism Festival to add new cultural and artistic elements to the Chagan Lake scenic area and new interactive experience programs for tourists. (Zhao Xiaoyi)