Songyuan Municipal People's Government

A Press Conference on the Preparation for the Issuance of Chagan Lake Special Stamps was Held in Songyuan City

On the afternoon of December 27, a press conference on the preparation for the issuance of Chagan Lake special stamps was held in our city. Ju Dengzhao, Director of Jilin Post Administration Bureau, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Zhang Shubin, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Shi Daning, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of Publicity attended the conference.

In order to better protect the ecology of Chagan Lake and develop the ecotourism of Chagan Lake, publicize Chagan Lake, publicize Jilin province’s natural ecological resources and folk fishing and hunting culture, Chagan Lake special stamps, which have been officially included in the 2020 special stamp distribution plan, including a set of three stamps, with the face values of 1.2 yuan, 1.2 yuan, 1.5 yuan, and 3.9 yuan for a full set, will be issued on October 18, 2020.

The issuance of special stamps of Chagan Lake is conducive to building Chagan Lake into an ecological priority pilot area and demonstration area in our province, and vigorously developing the industrial chain of “ecology + tourism”, “ecology + fishery” and “ecology + culture” of Chagan Lake.