Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Our City Celebrates the Mid-autumn Festival in a Traditional Way

There is a round moon in the sky and a reunion on earth. Sending clean government reminders, sending holiday speeches, eating moon cakes, guessing lantern riddles, celebrating reunion, sending blessings... September 24th is the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Mid-autumn Festival. In this symbol of reunion and good days, our city celebrates the festival in traditional ways, creating strong festival atmosphere.
Remind the message that the situation is stronger and the clean government style makes people feel warm.
The Mid-autumn Festival and the National Day are the key nodes to test the integrity of the Party members' leading cadres. As early as September 18 at the city's warning education conference, Li Xiangguo, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, asked the city's Party members and leading cadres to adhere to the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee during the festival, be honest and clean and set an example. On the same day, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision notified eight typical cases of violation of the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee, and put forward strict requirements on the integrity of the Party members and leading cadres during the Mid-autumn Festival and the National Day, sending out a strong signal against corruption during the festival. During the Mid-autumn Festival, the holiday atmosphere is strong and the honest and clean style prevails.
"On the occasion of the Mid-autumn Festival in 2018, the Organizational Department of Songyuan Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China sends cordial greetings to the Communist Party members and Party workers in the whole city." On the day of the Mid-autumn Festival, the Organizational Department of the Municipal Party Committee sent warm messages to all members of the Communist Party and Party workers of the city through the platform of "Songyuan Party Building" to wish everyone a happy and healthy life. At the same time, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and other departments and units also sent the festival greetings and blessings to the people of the city through the public platform. The words of warmth and love spilled over the mobile phone screens.
The bright moon on the sea makes people feel home to the ends of the earth.
"With beautiful mountains and clean water as well as stars, the lights are bright and attractive. On the day of the Mid-autumn Festival, Chen Bingbing, a student born in Songyuan who studied abroad, made an overseas call and exchanged greetings with his parents who lived in Songyuan. She said, "the moon in the hometown is the brightest and people are good at home." Every Spring Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, she is more homesick. Fortunately, there were many Chinese students in her school. On the same day, she and her classmates sat together in front of the TV and watched the Mid-autumn Festival Gala on CCTV International Channel. In this way, she celebrated the festival with the people of the whole country.
With a pot of tea and a few moon cakes, in the early autumn fresh air, we listen to the old people to tell the story of Chang'e running to the moon. Such scenes almost become the eternal memories of generations. On the night of the Mid-autumn Festival, Ben, a foreign teacher of an educational institution in our city, spent an unforgettable evening at his friend's home in Songyuan. On this evening, he and his friends listen to his friend's mother to talk about the story of Chang'e running to the moon. He said it was the best part of his life.
All the lights shine the reunion of tends of thousands of homes, the moon and stars are bright and beautiful.
During the Mid-autumn Festival, the streets of our city are full of brilliance, one street, one scene, one tree, everywhere is surrounded by the joyous festival atmosphere. In Children's park, Balda Park, Naren Khan Park and other leisure and entertainment places, there were a lot of citizens with their families going out to take a night view in the endless stream. The colorful lights set off the bright moon and the breeze, embellishing the night sky with gorgeous splendor. They either surround the landscape belt, or shine between buildings. They are scattered all over the places, fantastic and true, brilliant and bright, like a bright "night pearl", reflecting the smiling faces of people and becoming the beautiful scenery in the evening.
"Keep your loyalty to shine the darkness" (guess a lantern riddle phrase), "Ask the date of return before you go on the journey" (guess a lantern riddle phrase)... During the Mid-autumn Festival, the city's major shopping malls are crowded with people, in the most attractive places, in addition to moon cakes stalls, as well as lantern riddle contest and hand-made moon cakes scene, people gathered in twos and threes, guessing lantern riddles and making hand-made moon cakes to feel and understand the traditional Chinese culture and adding entertainment to the festival culture. (Wang Jia)