Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Songyuan Presses the "Shortcut Key" of the People's Livelihood Projects

Recently, it has been learned from the relevant departments that Songyuan plans to implement 28 livelihood projects this year, 2 projects have been completed, other livelihood projects are also in the process of efficient promotion.
This year, Songyuan's livelihood projects will focus on education and health. It is planned to build Songyuan No. 2 Kindergarten, the Book Science and Technology Building of the city's Experimental Senior High School, and the teaching building of No. 6 Middle School in Ningjiang District. The teaching building of Shanyou Middle School will be rebuilt and expanded, and the nine-year compulsory-education school planned in the economic and technological development zone will be incorporated into the people's livelihood plan. At present, these projects are advancing rapidly. While continuing to push forward the new construction project of the city‘s Central Hospital in other places, the city has added the comprehensive building project of the city’s Maternal and child health care hospital, mainly including five health service institutions. With the construction of these educational and health livelihood projects, Songyuan's education and medical security will be greatly improved.
In recent years, Songyuan has attached great importance to the construction of people's livelihood projects. After listing the livelihood plans every year, Songyuan has been promoting the progress of the construction of people's livelihood projects at a high speed on the basis of ensuring the quality. For each livelihood project, we have formulated specific implementation methods, signed target responsibility letters, established project accounts, and implemented monthly quarterly scheduling. At the same time, we strengthen supervision and inspection, innovate and promote the measures, give priority to fund protection, the city-level funds in the budget are arranged at the beginning of the year, more than 90% of the financial funds of the county (city, district) projects at the beginning of the year have also been implemented, they are now allocated according to the progress of the project sequences, and the fund guaranty effect is obvious.
Pressing the "shortcut key", people are benefited earlier. The people's livelihood projects are making Songyuan a better young city. (Wang Xinxin)