Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Songyuan Branch of Jilin General Aviation Co., Ltd. is formally Established to Help Upgrade the Airport and Aviation Industry of Songyuan

On September 17, Jilin General Aviation Co., Ltd. officially opened the Songyuan Branch in order to actively cooperate with the main line of the country's supply structural reform, promote both wings of general aviation and civil aviation, and let the general aviation, a very attractive gold industry, drive the development of Songyuan's regional economy.

According to the relevant person in charge of Songyuan Branch of Jilin General Aviation Co., Ltd., the company's main operating aircraft are Y-12 and Y-5, etc., the operating projects are mainly short-haul transport, aerial photography, aerial prospecting, scientific experiments, artificial weather modification, aviation tourism, aviation culture, aviation jet and other aviation flight operations allowed by the State.
“After the formal operation, Songyuan Branch of Jilin General Aviation will, in the professional, high standards, strict requirements, carry out all the businesses, focusing on safety and service. Fully relying on the geographical advantages of Songyuan Airport, combined with the advantages of the small aircraft of the general aviation, small routes, small voyages, closely related to tourism resources in Jilin Province, rain and hail demand, we effectively improve the province's circular flight, short-distance transport, sightseeing tourism, official flights and other convenient travel methods and boost Jilin Province Strong province construction and economic and social development in the all-round, three-dimensional way.”, said the company's relevant person in charge.
It is known that it is the second general aviation enterprise stationed at Chaganhu Airport in Songyuan and the result of the vigorous expansion of aviation business at Chaganhu Airport in Songyuan. It is of great significance to further promote the rapid development of Songyuan's economy and tourism, and is conducive to promoting the transformation of resource advantages into economic advantages and meeting people's time-saving and efficient tourism needs. It is conducive to improving the layout of civil airports in Jilin Province, forming a comprehensive transportation system with coordinated development of various forms of transportation together with ground transportation, strengthening the emergency rescue function of the region and developing the general aviation. (Liu Fengcheng)