The First New Vocational Farmers Training Course of Songyuan City this Year Ended Successfully

Recently, the New Vocational Farmers Agriculture Training Course in 2018 sponsored by the Municipal Farmers’ Science and Technology Education Center was successfully completed. 100 farmers from the rural area of our city, after 7 days of “theory + practice + investigation” all-round training, bring new knowledge and new technology back home, and bring new vitality to the revitalization of the rural area and green industry development.

At present, the Municipal Farmers’ Science and Technology Education Center is carrying out the “one point and two lines, stages in the whole course” training, taking the industrial development as the foothold, taking the production skills and management level as two main lines, combining the centralized training at stages, practical training, visit and investigation and production practice, and striving to help the trainees go to the professionalization and become the leading force in building the modern agriculture and striving for the national green agricultural city.

“To give priority to the green agriculture and build a green agricultural city, the most difficult task is in agriculture and rural areas, and the greatest potential and strength are also in agriculture and rural areas, so rural talent is the key.” The responsible comrades of the Municipal Farmers' Science and Technology Education Center said, "cultivating the new type of professional farmers is of great significance for promoting the revitalization of rural talents. We will seize the historical opportunity to carry out the strategy of rural revitalization, in order to improve the comprehensive quality, professional skills and entrepreneurial development ability of farmers as the core, and establish a new vocational farmers’ cultivation system integrating education and training, management and policy support. We will focus on cultivating a new type of professional farmers with culture, technology, management and good practice.” (Han Bing)