Wang Zilian Emphasizes that the “Pilot Experimental Zone” should be Built well to Boost the Development of the Green Agriculture of Songyuan when Investigating Shande Agriculture Co., Ltd.

On June 19th, Wang Zilian, Mayor joined the research of Songyuan Shande Agriculture Co., Ltd. to understand the operation of the enterprise, and hold a symposium to solve the related problems for the development of the enterprise. Liu Wenzhan, Secretary General of the Municipal Government accompanied the survey.

Wang Zilian went into the nursery, straw comprehensive application laboratory, drying workshop, processing plant, finished product storehouse and packaging workshop, and inquired in detail the production process, the market share and the future development direction of the enterprise. He demanded that enterprises should continue to strengthen the "green", "ecological" and "organic" brand in the structural reform of agricultural supply side, and continue to promote the continuous development and expansion of the green agricultural base.

Founded in 2014, Shande Agriculture Co., Ltd. has introduced the most advanced planting technology in the world to develop green organic rice cultivation. After years of experiments, it has grasped the core technology of comprehensive ecological management and organic planting on the saline alkali soil. In July, 2016, the Taiwan Affairs Office and the Ministry of Agriculture jointly approved the establishment of the "Cross-straits (Jilin) Eco-agriculture Cooperation Pilot Experimental Zone".

Wang Zilian stressed that Qianguo County and relevant departments should closely cooperate, organize scientifically, and speed up the construction of experimental zone. We should seriously study the national policies, highlight planning and guidance, realize the combination of agriculture, culture and tourism, complement each other's functions, share resources and coordinate development. Efforts should be made to build a comprehensive experimental zone for the modern agriculture, which integrates production demonstration, agricultural industry incubation and eco-tourism. We must innovate the mechanism of comprehensive agricultural development, and through the market approach, we should lever more financial capital and social capital into agricultural development. We should strengthen the guidance of science and technology, develop the industry actively, and constantly improve the agricultural scale, standardization and intensification, and promote the green development of agriculture in the surrounding area, and help the local farmers increase their income and enrich their wealth.

The Municipal Agriculture Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources, and the responsible comrades of the Qianguo Government participated in the investigation. (Li Qiuying)