Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Swans Flying over the Chagan Holy Lake

The spring of the Chagan Lake is tranquil and cozy, with reeds swaying in the wind. The returning migratory birds are also beginning to gather in the Chagan Lake area. Birds are roaming freely, or playing by the water, or soaring in the air, or swimming leisurely, only to add a natural ecological beauty to the Chagan Lake.
The Chagan Lake scenic area is full of plants and water, with fish jumping, gulls and birds gathering, to intoxicate people. According to relevant figures, there are as many as 239 species of rare birds migrating from the south during the spring and summer seasons, including the national first-level protected animals such as bald-headed crane, red-crowned crane and oriental white stork and the national second-level protected animals like white swan, sparrow eagle and gray crane.