Songyuan Municipal People's Government

The 18th Chagan Lake Ice and Snow Fishing and Hunting Cultural Tourism Festival will Officially Open on the 28th Day of this Month

On the morning of December 13, the press conference of the 18th Chagan Lake Ice and Snow Fishing and Hunting Cultural Tourism Festival was held in Chagan Lake Fishing Ground Hotel. The Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee, Chagan Lake Tourism and Economic Development Zone and Chagan Lake Fishing Ground, the sponsors fully released the information of a series of activities of the tourism festival to the participating media.

 This tourism festival will be held in Chagan Lake Scenic Spot from December 28, 2019 to February 28, 2020, lasting for 2 months. The opening ceremony and the ceremony of “Lake Sacrifice Waking up Nets” will be held from 10:58 to 11:58 on December 28, 2019 in Nabo Square of Chagan Lake North Scenic Spot. The theme of this tourism festival is “Bearing in Mind the Earnest Advice and Guarding the Gold Signboard to Inherit the Fishing and Hunting Culture and Display the Spectacle of Winter Fishing”.

During the tourism festival, the city will hold a series of activities in Chagan Lake, including “ice lake fishing and hunting season” and “ice and snow carnival”. By that time, there will be 19 colorful activities such as “Chagan Lake New Year’s Products Collection of Songyuan Special Agricultural Products”, “Fish Watching, Snow Appreciation, Folk Custom Experience Series Tour”, “Ice and Snow Marathon around the Lake”, “Online Live Broadcasting of Popular Online Show of Winter Fishing”, “Chagan Lake Winter Fishing Contest”, “Chagan Lake Ice Dragon Boat Race”, “International Cross-country Skiing Rally on Ice”, “Chagan Lake Nabo Ice and Snow Happy Park”, which will let tourism fans experience more fun in ice and snow and more passion in Songyuan.

The main venue of this tourism festival will also break the previous pattern of taking the snow mountain as the main body and build large-scale ice sculptures and ice and snow park with ice as the main body. The auditorium for the opening ceremony in front of the Nabo Square of Chagan Lake will be mainly constructed with the characteristic decoration of Chagan Lake with the ancient fishing and hunting culture of the northern ethnic groups. At the same time, there are Northeast snow forest, special food street, large ice house, snow house, ice and snow landscape sketches, etc. The main street of the site and the main site of the tourist area will also be decorated with lanterns and spotlights. At that time, a new scene of “integration of primitive and modern styles” will be perfectly presented in front of tourists from all over the world so that everyone can enjoy the fun of the ice and snow carnival.

In order to ensure the safe and smooth access of tourists to the lake, there are two routes to the lake in our city: the east line is the urban area - Hunwu Expressway - Chagan Lake Exit – Changbai No. 302 National Highway - Balang Town, turn left, go through the decorated gateway on the west side - opening ceremony site of Chagan Lake Fishing Ground, and the west line is the urban area - Hunwu Expressway - Chagan Lake Exit - Chagan Lake Scenic Spot- Ring Lake Dam, Andai Road - Qingshantou - opening ceremony site of Chagan Lake Fishing Ground. Other sections are strictly forbidden to enter the lake.

In order to ensure the safety on ice, the vehicles with a load of more than 5 tons and more than 12 seats are strictly prohibited from entering the lake. After the vehicle is on the ice, it must be driven along the route indicated by the special flags and guide plates, and it is strictly prohibited from opening the route privately.

More than 20 media reporters, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily, Farmers Daily, Jilin Daily and Jilin Radio and Television Station, etc. attended the conference. (Wang Jia)