Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Songyuan: the Economic and Social Development Continues to Improve in the First Half of the Year

A New City with the River Water and Green Plants Covering Half of it, suitable for Residence and Tourism

In the first half of the year, facing the challenges of the tightened macroeconomic environment, the increasing downward pressure of the economy and frequent natural disasters, various departments in Songyuan City calmly responded, overcame difficulties and worked hard, and the quality of economic growth in the city maintained a positive trend.
The economy has maintained steady growth. In the first half of this year, Songyuan's economic growth was "low earlier and high later", showing an upward trend. The GDP growth rate is 0.5% higher than the average level of the whole province; excluding the incomparable factors of one-off income in the same period of the previous year, the local fiscal revenue has turned from negative to positive; the total retail sales of social consumer goods has maintained a high growth rate, ranking second in the province; the industrial added value exceeded the average growth rate of the whole province for the first time, with the profit growth of 137.2%. In the first half of the year, it was "steady and losing no speed" on the whole.
The management of urban and rural construction has been continuously strengthened. Adhere to advancing with the problems, further standardize the planning and approval process, comprehensively rectify the real estate development market, conduct orderly solution of homeless housing and other historical legacy problems, firmly implement solid land storage and supply of clean land, and the urban construction disorder has been initially addressed. Major projects such as the functional completion of the comprehensive railway station hub, the improvement of Chagan Lake Airport and the closing of the Changchun-Baicheng-Wulanhaote Railway have been fully promoted, and the sequential construction tasks have been well completed. Deeply carry out the "Ten Campaigns" of comprehensive renovation of urban appearance and environment, and start the "100-day battle" of comprehensive renovation of rural human residence environment in an all-round way. The urban and rural environment has undergone positive changes.
Reform in all fields has been deepened. Take the lead in identifying and announcing three batches of 1032 items of "coming only once", accounting for 96%, walking in the forefront of the province. The soft environment of economic development is constantly optimized, and the city ranks the second in the soft environment construction index in the province. The market operation reform of urban public utilities such as water supply and heating has already started. The comprehensive reform of rural finance has realized the full coverage of rural financial service stations and towns.
Financial risks are effectively prevented and controlled. Efforts should be made to improve the government debt management and control mechanism, withstand financial tension and financing pressure, and pay off 2.681 billion yuan of debts due on time; improve the leading organization system of financial risk prevention and control at the city and county levels, strengthen supervision over banks, small loan companies, various financial entities and private loan institutions, and effectively prevent financial risks.
The ecological environment is improving continuously. Taking the opportunity of rectification and reform of the environmental protection supervision by the Central Government, we insist in overall planning and comprehensive measures, and carry out ecological environmental protection construction in an all-round way in the whole region in the whole process, thus promoting fundamental changes in environmental protection. At present, the cancellation rate of 550 letters and visits cases handed over by the Environmental Protection Inspection Group of the Central Government has reached more than 95%. The 28 feedback problems are being gradually rectified to ensure that the problems should be carried out in a timely, standard and scope-based manner.
Important steps have been taken to improve the people's livelihood. 28 people's livelihood projects in the six major areas have been put into operation as planned, and have been advancing faster than the same period in the previous years. Strong and orderly efforts have been made to promote post-disaster reconstruction. All 5,960 seriously damaged or damaged rural houses have been started. More than half of the reconstruction, repair and reinforcement tasks have been completed, and all the victims will soon be relocated in new homes.
Safe production is stabilizing steadily. Deeply carry out the "Year of Work Safety Management" activities, and start ten special control projects in the key industries. Industrial, mining, commercial and production-oriented road traffic accidents dropped by 50% and 28.6%, respectively. No serious or major accidents occurred. Safety production has been fully affirmed by the Provincial Government.
Social governance was further strengthened. We will intensify efforts to maintain stability in letters and visits, carry out "large-scale investigation, large-scale visits, large-scale resolution" and leaders and cadres' visits, and resolve more than half of the 337 long-standing historical cases such as land expropriation in rural areas, wage arrears of migrant workers from the rural areas, protection of workers' treatment in forest farming and land reclamation reform, and military-related visits. At the same time, special actions such as "three strikes and one rectification" and "cracking down on gangsters and eliminating the evil" have been carried out in depth. 120 cases have been uncovered, social atmosphere has been improving continuously, and people's sense of safety and satisfaction have been further enhanced. (Zhang Hongyu)