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Keeping a Date in the Spring in the Tide of Spring Ploughing Comprehensively Set off in Songyuan City

A year's plan is in spring. It is very important for the economic and social development to carry out the production of spring ploughing without mistake, to seize the grain harvest, to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and to provide a strong support for the overall economic and social development. Songyuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have made a detailed deployment to the agricultural and rural work in 2018 in the city's rural work conference. It has made clear the target task and demanded that all localities do not mistake the spring ploughing production without mistake.

A few days ago, with the weather getting warmer, spring ploughing climax in Songyuan was raised.

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Preparing enough for the hope of spring

Spring comes early. The new year has just passed, Mrs. Men Xiufang in Dafangsheng Village, Ulantuga Town, Qian’guo County, began to run in the major agricultural markets in Songyuan. The quality and price of the seeds and chemical fertilizer are compared. "The early purchase of good seeds and fertilizers will be delivered to the home. The elder sister said.

In order to enable farmers to buy reassuring agricultural products, the relevant departments of Songyuan carried out a thorough inspection of the agricultural products market in the beginning of the year. During the inspection period, 320 law enforcement vehicles were sent at the levels of the city and county, 850 law enforcement officers were sent, 7 report calls were set up, 72 times of inspection in the seed market were carried out, 167 enterprises were inspected, 1200 household times, 1130 household times for investigation, more than 60000 publicity materials were issued, more than 600 person times were trained and 3 cases were handled.

In addition, in order to better solve the technical problems encountered by farmers in spring ploughing, Songyuan also carried out scientific and technological household activities through various forms of science and technology lectures, science popularization and other forms, so that each household has a scientific and technological understanding. A total of 1995 training courses were held in the city, 380 thousand agricultural technology data were issued, and 380 thousand farmers were actually trained.

All parts of the city are also actively preparing for mechanical and electrical well repair, machine and pump pipes and big buckets, and drought resistant machinery and providing adequate water lifting tools to ensure the need for spring plowing and sowing.

At present, the whole city has entered the field farming stage, has completed the field planting area of 160 thousand mu, completed the rice breeding area of 1.78million acres.


Flowers Blooming of the Sightseeing Agriculture in all Four Seasons, Photo by Shi Yanzhao

Adjusting the structure and enjoying the joy of the autumn harvest

In the greenhouse of Junzi village, Yanzi Township, Qian’an County, workers are picking the ripe strawberries. "These strawberries have been the owner." The worker told the reporter. Through WeChat's reservation, these strawberries are already sold before they are ripe.

Besides planting strawberry greenhouses, the manor also has a greenhouse for planting muskmelon and a grape greenhouse. "I can earn 1 million dollars a year." The manor leader told the reporter.

In recent years, Songyuan has actively promoted the economic development of greenhouse films, and the greenhouse industry has been thrived. According to statistics, the greenhouse area of the city has reached 105 thousand mu. With the improvement of greenhouse design standards and cultivation level, the advance and delay time of fruit and vegetable cultivation is getting longer and longer. Growing crops are also increasingly rich, not only cucumber, tomato, beans and other varieties, strawberry, pitaya, grapes, peach and other crops are also growing. Throughout the year, farmers can feel the joy of harvest.

In addition to continuing to promote the development of the greenhouse, Songyuan also encourages and guides the farmers to adjust the planting structure in the light of local conditions, and promote the pace of the planting base and scale. We should actively encourage all kinds of management subjects in rural areas to introduce new technologies and varieties of new technology, develop local special crop planting and expand the planting of special agricultural products such as hybrid grain, grain, millet, wine sorghum, potato, sunflower, red pepper, red bean and black bean. Last year, the grain planting area of the city was reduced to 780 thousand hectares, and the area of special crops with regional comparative advantages was further expanded, and the area of the city was increased to 55 thousand hectares. This year, the city plans to reduce corn planting area of 49 thousand hectares, and the corn planting area of the whole city is expected to reach 730 thousand hectares.


Making good brands and expecting a better appreciation

In order to promote the transformation of the traditional agricultural city to the strong green agricultural city, the pace of strengthening the construction of green agricultural base in Songyuan has never ceased. By the end of last year, it covered 57 production bases of high-quality green livestock products of rice, peanuts, potatoes, millet, grain, vegetables, beef cattle, meat sheep, sorghum, Chinese medicinal materials and so on. The area of the production bases has reached 420 thousand mu.

This year, the city plans to continue to increase policy support and guidance, in the consolidation and promotion of the 57 demonstration bases last year, and to promote the construction of a batch of bases so as to make 100 green agricultural bases, increase the planting area to 600 thousand mu, and increase the planting area of 3.8million mu by radiation, accounting for more than 20% of the total planting area of the whole city.

While the planting area of green agricultural products has been increasing continuously, efforts to promote brand building are in full swing. At present, Songyuan has developed 2 regional public brands of "Songyuan Millet" and "Fuyu Silihong Peanuts". There are 5 well-known trademarks in China, 8 national geographical indications trademarks, and 8 national geographic indications protection products. We won 140 gold prize products from the previous agricultural fair, the agricultural fair and the Green Expo. In Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, some enterprises have set up about 20 special stores and selling stores, and their products are sold to more than ten countries and regions in Germany, Holland, Beijing and Shanghai.

The Songyuan rice of the national banquet, Fuyu Silihong Peanuts sold overseas, Qian’an Yellow Millet, recommended by the world champion, and the Changling potato crossing the Yangtze River into the vast coastal market…... As brands become increasingly loud, these farmers' carefully planted green crops are bringing greater benefits to them.

 At the good time in the spring, man makes gold diligently. In 2018, Songyuan, which was slowly opened by the spring ploughing curtain, is firmly on the road to create a famous green agricultural city in China. (Zhang Hongyu, Wang Xinxin)