Songyuan Municipal People's Government
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    Songyuan: the Economic and Social Development Continues to Improve in the First Half of the Year

    In the first half of the year, facing the challenges of the tightened macroeconomic environment, the increasing downward pressure of the economy and frequent natural disasters, various departments in Songyuan City calmly responded, overcame difficulties and worked hard, and the quality of economic growth in the city maintained a positive trend.

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    Bayinchaolu Stressed that we must Fight Hard to Win the Battle against Pollution and Firmly Guard the Green Ecological Homeland of Jilin Province when Coming to Inspect our City

    On August 28, Bayinchaolu, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee came to our city to investigate the construction of ecological civilization, the environmental protection supervision and rectification by the Central Government and the construction of the Western river-lake connection project.

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    Keeping a Date in the Spring in the Tide of Spring Ploughing Comprehensively Set off in Songyuan City

    A year's plan is in spring. It is very important for the economic and social development to carry out the production of spring ploughing without mistake, to seize the grain harvest, to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and to provide a strong support for the overall economic and social development. Songyuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have made...