Songyuan Municipal People's Government
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    Keeping a Date in the Spring in the Tide of Spring Ploughing Comprehensively Set off in Songyuan City

    A year's plan is in spring. It is very important for the economic and social development to carry out the production of spring ploughing without mistake, to seize the grain harvest, to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and to provide a strong support for the overall economic and social development. Songyuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have made...

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    The Construction of the “Three Earlier” Projects of the City Sets off a Climax

    In Songyuan in April, the spring breeze blows people’s faces, it is flourishing all over and a lot of high towers stand and the machines are working. It is really a scene of people busy with work and it arises the unlimited longing of people of Songyuan for the bright future. A number of new major projects making the industries and the city stronger have take the opportunity to develop in the ...

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    Songyuan: Strengthen the Construction of Projects and Start the New Climax of Development

    Standing on the bank of Songhua River and taking a view from north to south, you will find the vigor and vitality of the city. Songyuan, a famous city for petroleum, is in the golden period of businessmen invitation and capital attraction and construction of projects. In 2017, the funds of businessmen invitation and capital attraction in place were 103.4 billion yuan, a growth of 10%. There we...