Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Chagan Lake Tourism and Economic Development Zone

Chagan Lake Tourism and Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level development zone approved and founded by Jilin Provincial Government in November, 2002. The development zone is located in the northwest of Qianguo County, 42 km from the urban area of Songyuan, 193km from Changchun City in the south and 265 km from Harbin City in the north. Changbai Railway, Daguang Expressway and Hunwu Expressway pass by the lake, with the convenient traffic and rapid communication. The development zone has the rich natural resources. Chagan Lake, one of the Top 10 fresh lakes in the country is located in the development zone, with the total area of 500 km2 and the annual average storage of about 0.7 billion m3. It is the largest fresh lake of Jilin Provinc e and also famous production base and reed production base. Under the ground of Chagan Lake and its surrounding are rich the oil and natural gas resources. Chagan Lake Development Zone has successively won a number of national business cards such as National AAAA tourism scenic spot, National Water Conservation Scenic Spot, National Nature Reserve and one of the Top 100 County-level Tourism Brands of China, etc. It has become the important fishery production base of Northeast China, the grassland tourism scenic spot in the west of Jilin Province, green food fish development base of Jilin Province and demonstration zone developing the ecological and environmental protection benefiting economy of Jilin Province. In 2008, the “Winter Fishing of Chagan Lake” is listed in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List. In 2009, the “Winter Fishing of Chagan Lake” is successfully chosen in “8 Scenes of Jilin Province”. In 2016, Chagan Lake had the fish quantity of 0.26 million kg of a single net in the winter fishing, which created the new maximum Guinness World Record of single-net fishing under the ice.