Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Songyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone

Songyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone is a provincial-level development zone approved and founded by Jilin Provincial Government in 1993, with the area of 118 km2 and the planned area of 53.5 km2. Under the development zone is Xingyuan Township, including 13 administrative villages, with the total population of 80000. In March, 2013, approved by the State Council, Songyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone was successfully upgraded to a national-level development zone. The development zone is divided into four functional parks such as Xingyuan Industrial Park, Jiangnan Industrial Park, Shanjia Logistic Park and Food Industrial Park, etc. The development pattern of centralization of projects, industrial assembly and commercial cluster has been established. The infrastructural construction has become more and more complete, the pattern of “7 horizontal and 4 longitudinal roads” has been built and “seven connections and one leveling” have been achieved in the matching infrastructure such as water supply and drainage, heating, power supply and communication, etc., which has really improved the settlement of the projects and bearing capacity of economic development. Some famous enterprises at home and abroad such as Cargill, Hong Kong Koonlion, Fujian Panpan and Beidahuang, etc. have settled in the development to invest in the building of plants.