Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Production factor

Land price

The land of the development zones and industrial parks in Songyuan is usually between grade-14 and grade-9, and the price is between 140 yuan and 390 yuan per square meter, which is much lower than that of the developed cities in the country.


Energy price

The industrial water price is 7.1 yuan/ton; the major commercial electric power price is 0.55 yuan/kwh; the natural gas price is 3.5 yuan/cubic meter; the industrial steam price is 34 yuan/GJ.


Electrical power supply

Songyuan’s total electricity consumption is 4,438billion kwh. The current power generation capacity of its thermoelectricity, wind power electricity and hydropower is 1.45 million kw. Jilin Province has the installed capacity of 20.35 million kw and loading capacity of 7.728 million kw. Now Jilin Province has power surpluses of 12.63 million kw. Its power generation is much bigger than its power consumption, so it has no problem to meet the power consumption demand of power-hungry enterprises.


Transportation price

Within 200 kilometers around Songyuan, the road transport price is 0.42 yuan/ton-km, and the rail transport price is 0.38 yuan/ton-km.


Labor supply

Songyuan now has one vocational-technical college and five secondary polytechnic schools with strong faculties and complete advanced teaching and practice bases. They offer dozens of technical programs such as machining, electromechanical engineering, information engineering, economic management, marketing, etc. Each year they train 12000 various specialized talents for enterprises in a customized manner. The monthly wage in the enterprises is 1500-2000 yuan , which is much lower than that of the cities in the Changjiang River Delta and the Pearl River Delta.



Financial service

Now 16 financial institutions have settled in Songyuan. In addition to such national policy banks as Bank of China, Agricultural Development Bank, ICBC, Bank of Communications, CEB, etc., other kinds of bank like Bank of Jilin, Jilin Province Rural Credit Union, Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank, Postal Savings Bank. Sunny Village Bank, Huimin Village Bank, Yanbian Rural Commercial Bank, etc. have also settled in Songyuan. The abundance of capital can meet investments in industries.