Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Service environment


Songyuan has three rivers, one stream and one lake. It has 300000 hectares of water areas, 100000 hectares of wetlands and 533000 hectares of grasslands. It has implemented a number of projects of garbage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and deteriorating grassland treatment. Its eco-carrying capacity is being constantly upgrading.

Administrative service

The Songyuan Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Songyuan Municipal Government have promulgated a series of policies such as “Regulations on Strengthening Enclosed Management of Development Zones”, “Several Regulations of Songyuan on Business Promotion”,“Decision on Further Accelerating Private Economic Development”, etc. Songyuan also aims at raising its administrative efficiency for enterprises through such methods as leader guarantee, whole-process commission, reduction of review and approval procedures, 25 disturbance-free days, etc. to create a good environment for enterprises to survive and develop.

Supporting environment

Songyuan has complete telecom infrastructures, financial institutions, including guarantee, insurance, etc. as safeguard organizations. Enterprises have unhindered financing channels. Accounting, auditing, evaluating and legal firms provide standard services. The projects like “Safe Songyuan” and “Songyuan Ruled by Law” will ensure investment safety.