Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Industrial advantage

Industrial pattern

In the past 25 years after the city was founded, Songyuan has formed four mainstay industries of oil and gas mining chemical, agricultural and livestock product processing ,featured tourism, and business and trade plus logistics. It has fostered such advantageous industries and emerging industries as fertilizer, equipment manufacture, bio-mass, new energy, bio-pharmaceutical, health, e-business, etc. It has emphatically built 100-billion-level industrial clusters of oil and gas mining chemical and fine chemical industries, three 50-billion-level industrial clusters of integrated use of bio-mass resources, food processing, bio-pharmaceutical & health industries, and five 10-billion-level industrial clusters of featured tourism, business, trade and logistics, fertilizer,m equipment manufacture, information service and e-business.

Opening up to the outside

Since its founding, Songyuan has vigorously implemented its opening-up strategy to the outside, constantly intensified regional cooperation, and preliminarily formed its new pattern of opening up to the outside. It has attracted a number of central enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec, COFCO, Sinochem Group, Datang Power, etc., a number of foreign enterprises such as, U.S. Cargill, Japanese Fuji Ace, Hong Kong China Resources, Yum, Wal-Mart, RT-Mart, etc., and a number of strong private enterprises such as Panpan Foodstuffs, Zhengbang Group, Yurun Group, Hengda Group, Red Star Macalline, etc. into Songyuan.



Development zone building

Songyuan has 27 various development zones and industrial parks that have a total planning area of 474.65 square kilometers. All the development zones have plenty of land resources and sufficient reserves. Their development and utilization cost is low. Their infrastructural facilities are complete. Their project carrying capacity is strong. They have preliminarily formed industrial clusters.

Songyuan has complete urban infrastructures. Its urban roads are wide and unobstructed. Urban Songyuan has three big bridges spanning the Songhua River, and its public transportation network coverage rate is 80%. The utilities for supplying power, water, heat, fuel gas, etc. are complete. The development zones (industrial parks) all have complete facilities for power supply, water supply and sewage disposal. They have basically achieved the “seven accesses and one level”, and their project carrying capacity is graduating upgrading.