Songyuan Municipal People's Government

Songyuan Overview

Songyuan is a prefecture-level city established in 1992, covering an area of 22000 square kilometers, with a total population of 2.75 million. It has 40 nationalities including Han, Manchu, Mongolia and Hui, etc. Under its jurisdiction are Ningjiang District, Fuyu City, Qianguo’erluos Mongolian Autonomous County, Changling County, Qian’an County, two national development zones (Economic and Technological Development Zone, National Agricultural Science and Technology Park), five provincial development zones (Chagan Lake Tourism Economic Development Zone, Hadashan Eco-agricultural Tourism D... READ MORE

Ningjiang District

Ningjiang, a modern city with a long history and modern civilization connected with each other, mountain and water scenery and human and cultural customs compatible with each other, economic development and social harmony promoting each other with the Manchurian and Mongolian cultural details, founded on December 12, 1995, is located in the central and west part of Jilin Province and confluence of Songhua River, No. 2 Songhua River and Nenjiang River. .It is known as a land of attractive resources and magical power and a birth place of creative minds and gifted talents and famous as “grana... READ MORE

Fuyu City

Fuyu City is located on the alluvial plain of Nenjiang River and Songhua River, between the east longitude of 125°0′—126°10′ and north latitude of 44°44′—44°30′, in the northwest of Jilin Province and east of Songyuan City and between Changchun City, Jilin Province and Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, neighboring Yushu City in the east, Dehui City in the south, Shuangcheng City and Zhaoyuan County of Heilongjiang Province with Songhua River and Lalin River as the boundaries in the north, Ningjiang District, Songyuan City and facing Qianguo’erluosi Mongolian Autonomous County a... READ MORE

Qianguo County

Qianguo’erluosi Mongolian Autonomous County (hereinafter referred to as Qianguo County) is the only Mongolian autonomous county of Jilin Province, with the total area of 7000km2. Under the county, there are 22 townships (towns), 16 State-owned agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery farms, 233 administrative villages, with the total population of 0.6 million and 25 nationalities and ethnicities including Mongolia, Han, Manchu, Hui and Korean, etc., of whom Mongolians account for 11% of the total population. In the county, there is Qianguo Irrigation Area, one of the national l... READ MORE

Qian’an County

Qian’an County is located in the northwest of Jilin Province and the west of Songyuan City, neighboring Qianguo’erluosi Mongolian Autonomous County in the southeast, Changling County in the southwest, Tongyu County in the west and Da’an County in the north, in the east longitude of 123°21'16"-124°22'50"and north latitude of 44°37'47"-45°18'08". By 2006, there is the population of 297937 in Qian’an County, including 150169 men and 147768 women; the agricultural population is 215716 and the non-agricultural population is 82761.The natural growth rate of the population is 3.34‰. In th... READ MORE

Changling County

Changling County is located in the west of Jilin Province, in the southwest of Songyuan City and at the east longitude of 123°6′-124°45′ and the north latitude of 43°59′-44°42′, with the altitude of 145m-270m and flat topography. It neighbors Nong’an County in the east, Gongzhuling City and Shuangliao City in the south, Horqin Left Middle Wing Banner of Inner Mongolia in the west and Tongyu, Qian’an and Qianguo’erluosi Mongolia Autonomous County in the north. It has the roads extending in all directions, with the extremely convenient transport facilities. READ MORE


Songyuan, under Jilin Province, is a regional-level city established upon approval by the State Council in 1992. It has jurisdiction over one city, three counties, one district, one national-level development zone and five province-level development zones. Its area is 22000 square kilometers and its population totals 2.92 million, including 610000 urban residents. It has 31 nationalities such as Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, Korean, etc. READ MORE


Songyuan is a prefecture-level city approved and founded by the State Council in 1992, located in the middle and west part of Jilin Province, at the south end of Songnen Plain and by the beautiful No. 2 Songhua River. The whole city has the total population of 2.9 million and 32 nationalities and ethnicities including Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui and Korean, etc. and the total area of 22000 km2. Under the city are 3 counties, 1 city and 1 district (Qianguo’erluosi Mongolian Autonomous County, Changling County, Qian’an County, Fuyu City and Ningjiang District) and 1 national-level developme... READ MORE


Songyuan is located on the famous black earth belt of Northeast China, at the east end of Ke’erqin Grassland and by the beautiful Songhua River and the ecological environment has been kept to be complete. In the whole city, the grassland area reaches 0.44 million hectares. In the city, there are “3 rivers, 1 stream and 1 lake” (Songhua River, No. 2 Songhua River, Nenjiang River, Lalin River and Chagan Lake, which is the national seventh largest fresh lake), with the annual transit flow of 37.7 billion m3 and the total quantity of 1.4 billion m3 water resources. There are more than 10 nat... READ MORE


For 24 years since the city was founded, Songyuan’s economy has rapidly developed. The city stably ranks in the first three places of Jilin Province in the economic aggregate and ranks 8th among 41 prefecture-level cities (leagues) of the three provinces of Northeast China and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The city is called one of the four young dragons with the rapidest economic growth in the cities in the north of China. In 2016, the whole city achieves the GDP of 180 billion yuan, the local financial revenue of 5.07 billion yuan, social fixed-assets investment of 148 billion yuan a... READ MORE


Songyuan was built for oil and flourishes with oil. Jilin Oilfield, the 6th largest one on the land of China is located in the area. The explored oil reserve is 1.5 billon tons, the natural gas reserve is 200 billion m3, the oil shale reserve is 77.5 billion tons (accounting for 11% of the total in the country and 72.3% of the total in the province, respectively, converted to the crude oil reserve of 3.5 billion tons) and the carbon dioxide reserve is 100 billion m3. In addition, the city has the rich mineral resources such as ceramsite shale, silica sand, trona, turf, bentonite and spring ... READ MORE

Songyuan is located in the geometric center of Northeast China and the core area of Harbin-Changchun City Group. As the important traffic hub and logistic distributing center of Northeast China and the east part of Inner Mongolia, the city connects 8 cities and 14 counties (cities) and radiates the population of more than 34 million. At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Sun Yat-sen presented in the Constructive Scheme for our Country that a traffic hub city named Dongzhen should be built in the junction of Songhua River and Nenjiang River, that is, Songyuan. 6 trunk railways such as Ch... READ MORE